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About Dani White

Hey there, I’m Dani White. I’m an artist, photographer & creative

I graduated with a bachelor's in fine arts and have worked as a professional artist in many different mediums. Paint has always been a source of joy and creativity is what is inside that has to be a daily practice.


I have owned and built a successful wedding photography business and started painting again when we were fundraising for our adoption.


Really and truthfully, I am just a girl with a paint brush and it makes me happy. So I will paint and then share it with you.


Light has always been the inspiration and I will chase it with a camera or a paintbrush as much as I can. How something I can’t hold can move so beautifully and have all the colors is astonishing to me. Something inside of me HAS to capture it.

Get to know Dani White, quiz style:

My ultimate weakness:

Chocolate chip cookies

My spirit Animal:

ⓐ Tiger

ⓑ Monkey

◉ Joanna Gains

There is never enough...

plants in my garden

My Bucket list 'Must':

ⓐ Skydive

◉ Experience zero gravity

ⓒ Swim with sharks

My guilty pleasure:

Lizzo and Ramen Noodles

How I like my coffee:

◉ Give me something sweet

ⓑ Black & bitter

ⓒ Just a dash of cream


3w2 The Enchanter

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Newport News, Virginia


Dani White Fine Art creates ethereal art with movement and color for those who want to surround themselves with what makes them happy in their home.