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What size print should I order?

Before choosing the size you want, there are a few questions you need answers to. One is how will you frame it? All prints come on paper even if it is of an oil painting, so every frame will need the enclose the print (glass). When framing you also need to figure out if you prefer a mat or a frame without a mat. The mat will make the frame much larger, but sometimes prints look better when matted. 

Another question you should ask is what is the space like around the print? If you are hanging this over your bed or a couch I would suggest going as large as you can with no mat, if this is going on a gallery wall, I suggest small with a mat. 

The best way to know what size works for you is to find a piece of paper or cardboard, cut it to the size, and tape it up in the place you want to hang your artwork. Live with it for a few days and see if you feel good about the size and placement. 

When looking for the right size of the frame just be sure the “window” of the frame says the same size as the print. All frames will vary and there should be some overlap of the artwork behind the frame. Pay attention to the overall size of the frame just in case it doesn’t fit your space. 

All prints are fairly standard sizes and should be easy to find a frame for. Ikea has some strange sizes so be aware. If there is a size you want and don’t see offered, just contact me at and I should be able to help you with that!

What is the difference between a print replica and an original and why is the pricing so different?

An original work of art means that this is the actual painting from the artist. There is only one. A print replica is a reproduction of the artwork either scanned or a picture and printed on fine linen paper. Print replicas are a lot less in money for a few reasons:

 One, they are less valuable. This is not the original work, there is just ink and paper.

Two, the materials to print are a lot less expensive than the paints and canvas/paper used in an original. 

Where do I get frames?

I am kind of a frame hoarder! I change them constantly and I love when a frame looks perfect with the art. My biggest advice is to find the frame that works for the art, not the other way around. And another tip is that you get what you pay for when it comes to frames. I am slowly replacing my cheap Ikea frames with nicer frames all over my home. 

For a more budget-friendly option: Ikea, Target, or Homegoods are great places to go. Target has started selling “poster” frames (large frames with no mats) and they don’t look half bad! Amazon is another great place to look, especially for larger frames. 

There are many professional framing places to go. is an example where you send them your artwork and they will frame it for you. They are much higher quality and much higher in price. 

If you are framing an original oil painting on canvas the best frame will be a floating frame. This is a frame that lets the canvas sit in the frame without putting pressure on all the sides. This can also be done professionally, or I had had great luck finding nice frames on Amazon.

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